Busy Period then Silent Period – it continues in job hunting era

Hello everyone,

I would like to touch little bit on the above title. Since I experienced it more than once, I assume then it would be the ‘same’ with you guys too.

The experience that I am talking about is when we suddenly have few opportunities awaiting us (The busy period), and once it has passed, we will go thru a silent phase where nothing will come up despite another dozens applications. And yet again, the cycle will repeat.

When I say opportunities, it is simply a possible job interview. You see, we apply many jobs and a lot of it goes unnoticed, untouched, uncalled or failed to be called for an interview. So those that we are called for an interview, or asked to do on-line test, or received phone calls are known as ‘real opportunity’ where you will be BUSY preparing documents (photocopies), printing resume, readings…

When I say a silent phase, it is simply the above-mentioned period where we apply, but no further progress or indications seen.

For now, I may touch on two occasions as an example. Once, after the silent phase, I had 4 ‘real opportunities’ (the Busy period) suddenly.

  • From a headhunter who had 2 offers in hand. I attended 1 interview and the other 1 would be ‘missing’ together with the headhunter. I did mention about cunning way of headhunters get you to attend interviews to meet their KPI right? This is one of it. Of course, I didn’t know initially and as such, I regarded this as ‘real opportunity’

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  • Number 3, at the same time of above, I had another ‘real opportunity’ which I may have missed it because of my own fault. This too I have mentioned it in another post.

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  • The last one, the fourth, was the sinful manager issue. I am yet to write about this as my soul is yet to heal. I waited from end Feb till End May to know that they have failed me. Yes, not I failed but they have failed me.

Ok, in between, I went thru silent phases. And again few busy periods and now, just last week, I am again in ‘Busy period’.

  • I have written a post on this, that I may get the job…so this is one ‘real opportunity’ now

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  • Same time, I had this so called ‘real opportunity’ from Company G, which end up the recruiter being untruthful. I have written this too

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  • An opportunity as one of my university junior who is in HR, is helping me to pass my CV to their hiring manager. You see, nothing may come up but I take this as good opportunity as resume will be noticed, unlike our on-line applications that many goes into wormhole LOL


  • This last one is from my relative, who introduced me to an education instructions’ dean. I’ve spoken to him and as requested, have forwarded CV to him. He did mention that he need to search for available functions that may suit my profile (which can be not so related to the institution). He replied email to say will get back to me the following week, but two weeks has passed by. Nevertheless, it is definitely a ‘busy period’ phase.

Now, the changing or phases will be common. We cannot let our-self down (demotivated) as that itself may hinder us from getting what we want. Cheer-up, stand-up, walk high…heads high guys.


For those seeking jobs: This is common, you are NOT alone. Cheer-up